Alex Fitch

Born in Oklahoma, I gained a fascination for photography at a young age, but was not drawn back to the medium until a later period in life, spending time abroad as a teenager. From that point forward I have used the camera to help understand and make sense of my surroundings. Photography for me, is telling, universal, and compassionate. Since the beginning of 2018, I have been based in Beirut, Lebanon.

“baby, you are here now”, is a visual exploration of a man’s journey to his family’s roots. The work deals with failure, heartache, love, joy, and identity - set within the backdrop of the challenging and ambiguous environment of Lebanon. Intended to be viewed as a dreamlike novel rather than a series of photographs, the pictures often rely heavily on emotions and are an insight to the mind of the photographer and his perception. As always, I invite viewers to create their own stories and draw their own narratives from my work.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below, as well as print inquiries. I am always available at +961.76.563.191. Thank you for visiting the website and viewing my work. Take care, and all the best.


Lucy and I. Galveston, Texas. 2017.

Lucy and I. Galveston, Texas. 2017.