Alex Fitch

Born in Oklahoma, I gained a fascination for photography at a young age, but was not drawn back to the medium until a later period in life, spending time abroad as a teenager. Since then I have used a camera to help understand and make sense of my surroundings. Photography for me, is telling, universal, and compassionate.

"baby, you are here now" is a visual diary of multiple relationships that take place in Beirut, Lebanon. On one end you have a woman who struggles with the terms of her country and is searching for an answer as to why things are as such. Another story, which simultaneously takes place, is a man who has to deal with love, heartache, confusion, and self-identity - through his past and present. "baby" in the title refers to his confusion on arrival of the term of endearment "habibi." Patterns emerge of individuals trying to make sense, find love and acceptance, as well as dealing with their own questions of life - universal conflictions of morality, failure, direction and empathy.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below. I am always available at +961.76.563.191. Thank you for visiting the website and viewing my work. Take care, and all the best.


 Lucy and I. Galveston, TX 2017. Photo credit: Hayley Henson

Lucy and I. Galveston, TX 2017. Photo credit: Hayley Henson