Alex Fitch

Born in Oklahoma, I gained a fascination for photography at a young age, but was not drawn back to the medium until a later period in life, spending time abroad as a teenager. Since then I have used a camera to help understand and make sense of my surroundings. Photography for me, is telling, universal, and compassionate.

"baby, you are here now" is a visual diary of a young woman and relationships that take place in Beirut, Lebanon. On one end you have a woman who struggles with the terms of her country and is searching for an answer as to why things are. Another story, which simultaneously takes place, is a man who has to deal with love, heartache, confusion, and self-identity - through his past and present. Patterns emerge of individuals trying to make sense, find love and acceptance, as well as dealing with their own questions of life - universal conflictions of morality, failure, direction and empathy.

Of the story I write, “I question everything. Who I am? Where is home? Who is home? She tells me to drink my coffee. It warms for a bit, but oh, its only for a bit. I have been here. I have heard it. I have smelled it. I can soon tell tales of life outside the chaos that eats my mind whole. Or is this only a delay from it all? Will it pile onto the chaos that my mind has told time and again to not feed? I cannot fight what I am blind to. She dances and moves at such a pace and balance and with grace and with assertion and with beauty. Yes, I know this all too well. I have been here. Drink your coffee and dance with me. She asks me what my fears are. I am too frightened to answer. She whispers, “be quiet baby, you are here now.”

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below, as well as print inquiries. I am always available at +961.76.563.191. Thank you for visiting the website and viewing my work. Take care, and all the best.


 Lucy and I. Galveston, TX 2017. Photo credit: Hayley Henson

Lucy and I. Galveston, TX 2017. Photo credit: Hayley Henson