Alex Fitch

Born in Oklahoma, I gained a fascination for photography at a young age, but was not drawn back to the medium until a later period in life, spending time abroad as a teenager. From that point forward I have used the camera to help understand and make sense of my surroundings. Photography for me, is telling, universal, and compassionate. Since the beginning of 2018, I have been based in Beirut, Lebanon.

“baby, you are here now”, is a visual exploration of a man’s journey to his family’s roots. The work deals with failure, heartache, love, joy, and identity - set within the backdrop of the challenging and ambiguous environment of Lebanon. Intended to be viewed as a dreamlike novel rather than a series of photographs, the pictures often rely heavily on emotions and feel which lead to further questions from the viewer regarding the state of mind of the photographer. Themes of life and death and rebirth emerge, giving the story a universal and absolute adaptation of the human experience.

Of the story I write, “I question everything. Who I am? Where is home? Who is home? She tells me to drink my coffee. It warms for a bit, but oh, its only for a bit. I have been here. I have heard it. I have smelled it. I can soon tell tales of life outside the chaos that eats my mind whole. Or is this only a delay from it all? Will it pile onto the chaos that my mind has told time and again to not feed? I cannot fight what I am blind to. She dances and moves at such a pace and balance and with grace and with assertion and with beauty. Yes, I know this all too well. I have been here. Drink your coffee and dance with me. She asks me what my fears are. I am too frightened to answer. She whispers, “be quiet baby, you are here now.”

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below, as well as print inquiries. I am always available at +961.76.563.191. Thank you for visiting the website and viewing my work. Take care, and all the best.


 Lucy and I. Galveston, TX 2017. Photo credit: Hayley Henson

Lucy and I. Galveston, TX 2017. Photo credit: Hayley Henson